Neurological disorders

Thanks to the unique therapeutic springs of Františkovy Lázně, we can effectively help patients afflicted by specific neurological disorders, such as polyneuropathy. The local resources are rich in carbon dioxide gas, which substantially supports the blood circulation to microscopic vessels in the acral parts of the body. At the same time, these small blood vessels and their state are key for the nourishment and regeneration of the tiny nerve endings that are afflicted by polyneuropathy.

Our patients thus gradually overcome unpleasant tingling and burning, and we can give them back the disrupted or lost sensitivity and movement in the fingers and legs. The effects of the natural therapeutic resources are boosted by exercising with our experienced physical therapists, who, thanks to applying special facilitative techniques, strengthen weakened or paralysed muscles. Another disease that spa treatment successfully alleviates are radicular syndromes. These most often manifest in pains of the spine and pains that shoot into the extremities, usually due to herniated discs.

The spa treatment is based on the expertise of highly qualified physical therapists, who use manual traction and other techniques of myoskeletal medicine to reduce the pressure of the compressed or irritated nerve root. Pain is also alleviated by the effects of physical therapy, e.g., various types of electrotherapy currents, distant electrotherapy, and so on.


  • Polyneuropathy with paretic manifestations
  • Radicular syndromes and involution root irritation syndrome

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  • Carbon dioxide bath, gas bath, or gas wrap
  • Treading pools
  • Whirlpool baths of the lower or upper extremities
  • Peat bath or peat pack
  • Electrotherapy
  • Individual remedial exercise
  • Classic massage
  • Underwater lymphatic massage
  • Group remedial exercise and other procedures according to the current state of the patient

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  • The combination and frequency of procedures is determined by the physician during the initial physical exam according to the current health of the patient.
  • The treatment plan usually consists of 18 procedures per week that consist of main and accompanying procedures.
  • The patient should undergo no more than one main procedure daily.
Our experts in the following spa hotels specialise in neurological disorders:
Accommodation in other hotels is possible, however, the treatment will take place under the supervision of specialists at the specialised workplaces, and you will need to commute to them.
Of course, spa therapeutic rehabilitation care has certain contraindications that can prevent treatment. You can find a detailed description of them here.

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