The therapeutic effects of the sulphuric-ferrous peat have been discussed thoroughly and written about profusely. It belongs to the peloid group and has been used in the spa industry for many years for heat therapy. It can excellently improve blood circulation, reduces pain, and relaxes muscles. It also has significant anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-mycotic effects. In the spa, you can most often encounter it in the form of baths, packs, and vaginal tampons.

Thanks to its wide spectrum of effects, peat can help with a whole range of issues: It is used to treat the locomotor system (e.g., arthrosis of the knee, hip, and other joints), skin disorders (especially atopic eczema), and last, but not least, gynaecological infections and even infertility.


However, very few people know that the peat treatments were actually invented in Františkovy Lázně, and thus they were discovered for today’s world. It was here that the first peat spa in the world came into existence. Today, this historical legacy is maintained in our town only by the Imperial Spa, which is a part of the Spa Resort PAWLIK–AQUAFORUM****. Many famous people, including the Emperor Franz Joseph I himself, enjoyed the effects of the peat baths in this building. Today, even you can treat yourselves to the unique effects of the sulphuric-ferrous peat.


First, it is necessary to harvest the peat from its natural deposit, for which a bucket chain excavator is still used today. The exception is so-called native harvesting, also known as virginal peat, meant for gynaecological purposes. This is often harvested by hand and is subject to strict regulation on part of the hygienist and the balneological technician. The processing of native peat thus takes place completely separately from the peat processing meant for baths and packs.

The harvested peat for therapeutic baths and packs is then transported back to the mill on a narrow-gauge railway, where it is first milled using two-tonne cast-iron wheels. Peat meant for packs is then heated, mixed with the necessary amount of water, and the pack is ready.

Peat meant for baths must undergo a longer journey. From the mill, it is shipped to special reservoirs, in which it is mixed with mineral waters from the springs. This mixture is then heated in another reservoir and is then diluted with a so-called live steam. It is not until this moment that we have the final therapeutic mixture prepared for the baths according to the original Františkovy Lázně recipe. For just one single bath, approximately 80 kg must be harvested and processed.

And in conclusion, the most important thing. We must protect and preserve our natural therapeutic resources for future generations, and therefore all used peat is shipped back to its original deposit, to the site of its harvesting. You will see for yourselves that the preparation of the peat packs or baths according to the original Františkovy Lázně recipe is very trying in terms of technology and time. This is the main reason why these procedures are only offered by the balneological facilities found in the Imperial Spa.


  • natural peat with a high content of soluble minerals and humic acids
  • absolutely original harvesting and processing technologies


  • peat packs
  • peat baths
  • peat tampons